Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekly Goals and What We're Eating This Week

I like lists. I like the visual a list gives (things look achievable when written on a list). I also like crossing things off the list. But... no matter how long or short my lists are, I have a problem finishing them (and throwing it away). This is a habit I am committing myself to- Finishing.

This weeks goals:
  1. Work for 15 minutes a day in the computer room.
  2. Refine my own chore chart.
  3. Find 7-10 meals for 30 meal list.
  4. Make journals for the men in my life (hubby and twins).
  5. Read to the boys everyday, take boys' reading chart to the library.
  6. Continue to get up between 6:30 and 6:45.
  7. Sew 2 headbands, 2 bibs, and 2 burp cloths. *Find dress to make.
  8. Crochet 2 dishcloths.
  9. Work on etsy shop.
  10. Get resume together.
This weeks menu:
Sunday- pork steak
Monday- venison
Tuesday- leftovers
Wednesday- homemade mac and cheese
Thursday- chicken of some sort
Friday- ???
Saturday- Going out to eat

Does anyone else have a hard time focusing? Any tips on getting back on track?

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