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I am Theresa, a 30 year old wife, mama, nursing student, and lover of many things crafty (sewing and crochet are at the top of the list). My family and I live in a rural town in the thumb of Michigan. We keep pretty busy around here with a 15 year old step son, 12 year old step daughter, and 2 1/2 year old twin boys. We are always on the go. Which is why my to-do list is so important!

Theresa's To-Dos is my little space where I like to document and share my completed (or need to complete) projects, ranging from sewing, refashioning, crochet projects, egg-free cooking, and even a little (very little) cleaning.

One of my biggest blessings was having twin boys. As a crafty mama, I naturally wanted to create for my boys, but as many of you may have noticed there is not a whole lot out there for boys. So I started to document my crafty endeavors.

Refashioning for boys (One of my most popular posts.)

In between all of the lovely chaos of our busy life, I sew and crochet to help stretch my husband's income a little further. This has also helped allow me to stay home with the boys.

Reindeer and Turkey Crochet HatsPick a Flower (Changeable Flower Hat)University of Michigan Crochet Brimmed Hat

*If you see a project on my blog that you would like made for you, contact me at kain.theresa@gmail.com
You can also visit my etsy page here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/theresastodos

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