Friday, February 7, 2014

Plaid Footed Pajamas

Two posts in one week, what the?!!

This past fall I may have bought a huge mess of sewing patterns at a deeply discounted price…
One of those patterns is the Classic Footed Pajamas from peek-a-boo pattern shop. (affiliate link)

Plaid Footed Jammies

It is so hard to keep these little guys to stay still for very long. Needless to say, they like their jammies.

Red Plaid Jammies

I would call this pattern an advanced beginner, borderline intermediate sewer. While the pattern was not hard, there were a few more advanced techniques. Fortunately, there are detailed step-by-step instructions for said techniques (zippers anybody?).

I made these late at night (and any of you who have followed me for some time, know I tend to make mistakes when the sun sets), so there were a few spots that I had to re-read the instructions.

                    Gray Footed Jammies Red Footie Jammies

Both pairs are made from fleece, and the sleeve cuffs and neck binding are made from t-shirt scraps. The sleeve binding was a little tricky, but patience paid off.

The only problem I have had with these pajamas is that the zipper irritates the boys at times. This is not the fault of the pattern, I choose to skip the zipper facing. Next time I will definitely add the facing.

I love that this pattern (and most of the patterns in the shop) comes in sizes 3 months- 8 years. I have been thinking about making all of my nieces and nephews pajamas for next Christmas, and this pattern would have them all covered.
Have you made footie jammies before? I am not sure that these are actually cheaper than buying pajamas from the store, but they sure are cute! And I love that little sense of accomplishment I get seeing the boys run around in footed pajamas that I made for them.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sheer Plaid Top Review

At the beginning of January I was asked by Mama Nene to be a part of the Serger Pepper pattern testing group. I was beyond excited, because the first pattern was a woman’s top. (This mama needs a few additions to her wardrobe.)

The pattern, Sheer Plaid Top, is simply amazing. For starters, it is extremely beginner friendly. Secondly, it features professional finishing techniques (French seams). Third this pattern is so versatile.

sheer top pattern test

The first top I made was in a jersey knit from my stash. I almost backed out. Seeing the fabric laying on the floor waiting to be cut, all I could see was an adorable maxi skirt or dress. Obviously I rose above my fabric cutting fears and dove in.

No regrets, I have wore this top once a week since I finished it. Here’s a glimpse at the hi-lo hem (and my stripes match!):

Knit Top

The top is designed to be a loose fitting and flowing top (which is perfect for me, since i have been eating my stress away…). The kimono sleeves, a cowl neck, hi-lo hem, and oversize fit make this one of the most versatile tops in my closet. It can be worn over a long sleeved top, a turtleneck, or a tank in the summer.

I loved this top so much, I had to make another.

Floral Sheer Top by

First, I want to explain why the first top was not sheer. One of the first sewing projects I tried to tackle was curtains. Sheer curtains. It didn’t go so well. Every time I pushed the foot pedal, my beautiful sheer green fabric disappeared. My borrowed machine was eating my fabric! After many swear words and fighting with the machine, I packed it up and promptly returned the machine to my mom. “I’m buying my curtains!”

Recently I went to Jo-Ann’s. They had fabric 50% off of the clearance price. That is bad, real bad. (If you haven’t realized, I am a fabric hoarder, and a clearance junkie.)

I found this beautiful sheer fabric for $2.00 a yard, and 50% off that is…$1.00 a yard! That my friends is when I made the commitment to sew sheer. I was only losing $2.00 if things went the same route as the curtains, right?

Sheer Floral Top Belted

(So sorry for all of the awkward remote pics.)
I beat the sheer!

I omitted the cowl on this top, and did rolled seams instead. I added three inches to the length, and kept the front and back hems the same length.

I also timed myself. About one hour, start to finish, French seams and rolled hems. You can’t beat that!

Mama Nene is offering the pattern for only $2.90 right now. So I suggest you head over and get your very own Sheer Plaid Top pattern quick!

What have you been creating? Leave a link, I would love to check it out.

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