Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Guy Gift, Camo Blanket

Today’s project was an Easter gift for my husband. And, if we are getting all technical and honest; it was supposed to be a Christmas gift. Oops.

The week before Thanksgiving hubby was dropping hints vividly describing a blanket that would be “so cool.” And whining because, “Nobody makes me anything.”

Determined to be the best wife in the world I ventured to JoAnn Fabric. The weekend after Thanksgiving.

I knew better. I have been there on that crazy weekend before. I had vowed to myself and anyone listening that I would never step foot in that store Thanksgiving weekend for as long as I shall live.

But fleece was on sale….and hubby wanted a fleece blanket.Specifically a camo fleece blanket, with our last name and school in our school colors. He was even dreaming of using this blanket at football games. It went a little like this, “Hey man, that’s a cool blanket.” He had planned on replying, “Thanks, can you believe my wife made it?”

Long story short, Christmas rolled around, and I still hadn’t touched the fleece. But then while making these Easter gifts for the older kids, I thought, “I can use this same method for Bri’s blanket.”

And so I did.

Camo School Spirit

*So sorry I didn’t take any process photos. Here’s a short summary though:

First I found a font I liked, and printed it at the largest size possible. Then I traced the letters onto fusible web. *Remember to reverse the image, either when printing or while tracing.

Next I ironed the letters onto the colored fleece. Cut out the letters (this is pretty time consuming, thankfully we have a short last name and school initials). Arrange the letters onto the top layer of fleece and iron in place. *You may want to stick with a few pins also. The fusible web doesn’t adhere to fleece very well.

Once you have the letters in place, slow down the speed of your machine. Zigzag around the letters. I choose to use contrasting thread (red thread for blue letters, and blue thread for red letters).


Almost done! The last step is to bind the blanket. I used this method. Not my favorite method for a blanket this size. The corners ended up a bit wonky for my taste. Next time I’ll try the method I used here.


*IMPORTANT: Before you put another project under the needle, clean your sewing machine! Fleece tends to produce a ton of lint. Nothing’s worse than having your next project get tangled up in the sewing machine.

Are any of you die hard Black Friday shoppers? Personally, the thought of stepping into a store that weekend sends fits of anxiety through my body. As always, I love to read your thoughts!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Getting Back on Schedule

I would like to start this post by thanking you all for the loving comments on my last post. Thank you so much for including my family in your thoughts and prayers.

Now lets talk about the exciting news… I start nursing clinicals this fall! I have been on the waitlist for three years. (In Michigan, or at least our area the waitlist is a few years. First you complete the prerequesites. Then you sit and wait. Three years later, you complete the clinical portion (2 years). Finally you are ready to take your state boards.)

My husband and I actually had ourselves convinced that I probally wouldn’t get in until next Janurary. Needless to say, we are excited (a little anxious about the changes we have to adapt to, but excited).

My to-do list grew ten-fold overnight. So expect to see posts of freezer meals, sewing, and organizing my routine in the next two months.

Here’s what we plan on eating this week:

I have some fun stuff to share, hopefully all goes well and I can jump back into my regular posting.

Again, thank you so much for your support (and patience) while I spent time with my loved ones.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Life is short.

If you have followed this little blog for a bit, you know my father died very unexpectedly at monumental time in my life.

For the last three years my mom has been lost, trying to patch a huge hole.

Since my dad’s accident, my mom has lost her grandma, an uncle, her dad, and just this morning her mom.

My husband’s grandmother passed Memorial Day weekend.

Life is short.

Things have been pretty quiet around here lately, and they will be for a little bit longer.

I need to be there for my mama; the hole in her heart just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I need to hug my boys longer, and hold my husband tighter.

Because life is short.

Thank you so much for understanding.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Week Goals…Keep the Family Fed…

Happy Monday, I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

This week is going to be an extra busy week. Our town wide garage sales start Thursday, run through the weekend, and are also next Thursday and Friday. Needless to say, I am not as prepared as I wanted to be. (Hopefully I can share a garage sale tips post later this week.)

I also have a test to take and clinicals to register for (hopefully this is my semester to start). We also have four softball games, and three baseball games.

My goals are actually to-dos this week. Things that I have to do. I’m not even going to pressure myself with anything extra this week.

Weekly To-Dos

  • Garage Sale (this involves a huge list of to-dos)
  • C.N.A. test
  • Keep up on housework, and keep the family fed.
  • 2 blog posts.
  • Write guest post for July.

The same goes for the menu, Keep It Simple Silly. This week we are eating from the freezer, and utilizing the crockpot.


  • Monday- Crockpot Turkey Legs
  • Tuesday- Turkey/Rice/Veggie Casserole
  • Wednesday- Tacos
  • Thursday- Steak and Potatoes
  • Friday- Meatloaf
  • Saturday- Leftovers

Do you have those weeks where ‘feeding the family’ is on the to-do list? If so, what are your simple meals? I feel a little stupid putting this on my to-do list, but I also know myself. Busy weeks like this week, I forget about dinner until six or so, half an hour after we usually eat. Then my poor family is stuck eating peanut butter and jelly for dinner five nights in a row.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

31 by 31

I’m sorry for the sporadic posting lately. Between illnesses, games, end of school year events, warm-weather chores, a death in the family, etc. life has been chaotic. (Honestly that is an understatement, life has been CRAZY!) Hopefully things are getting back to normal- or I am adjusting to the new season of chaos. Winking smile
Remember my 30 by 30 list? No? Well, I’ll fill you in. Last year I made a list of thirty things I wanted to do before I turned the big 3-0. It was a bucket list of sorts. Nothing crazy or extravagant, just a list of things that I never would have gotten around to if they weren’t on a list.
Well, I have been thirty for three weeks now. Although I didn’t manage to mark everything off of my list, I still enjoyed the process.I enjoyed it so much that I want to do it again. This time its 31 to-dos before I turn 31.
Want to see my list? (I may change it within the next few weeks, so this is a draft of my list.) Without further ado…
1. Paint, and decorate dining room.
2. Build a display shelf for hubby’s decoys.
3. Finish piano project.
4. Build a piece of furniture.
5. Plant garden. Can/preserve.
6. Put together 31 meal binder.
7.Potty train boys.
8. Go on a family vacation.
9. Make a new chore chart.
10. Mail Christmas cards.
11. Have Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving.
12. Have 12 date nights.
13. Go on a mini-vacation with hubby.
14. Go to a Tiger game.
15. Read 12 books.
16. Start nursing clinicals.
17. Get a 100 bowling average. (Don’t laugh! I have been working on this for five years now. This IS my year!) Winking smile
18. Whittle down debt.
19. C.N.A Recertification, start working part time.
20. Sell crafts (somehow; etsy/farmer’s market/craft fair).
21. Clean out and organize garage.
22. Find a system for paper. Tackle paper clutter.
23. Go through cookbooks.
24. Organize photos.
25. Work on blog organization.
26. Sew everyday for 31 days, only using stash.
27. Crochet a hat a day for 31 days.
28. Make a quilt.
29. Work on one photography skill a month.
30. Complete 31 pins.
31. Do 31 refashions.
What a list!
I’m curious, do you set birthday goals, or are you a New Year’s goal setter? The holidays are so busy that I feel like a failure trying to set goals at the beginning of the calendar year. I love setting new goals in September (back to school time), but have really liked the birthday deadline also.
Have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be back Monday (if all goes as planned).