Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sewing Update, Summer Camp Kits

Remember my absence the week before Easter? I had told you I was busy at the sewing machine. Then I promised to give post about it? A week isn’t too long to make you wait, right?
Our older kids go to camp for a week during the summer. This will be their third year. Every year we scramble around to gather everything they need for camp; towels, toiletries, sheets, blankets, etc.
The biggest problem is that we do not always get everything back after camp is over. One parent may help them pack, and the other one picks them up. They may go to their grandparents’, who live within walking distance to camp. Camp gear is usually left at each place along the way. (That is the joy of teens, they always leave a trail…)
I think I may have found a solution! (At least I hope!)
Camper Toiletry Kit
I made them a monogrammed towel, washcloth, and toiletry roll.
Getting Kids Ready For Summer Camp
I am absolutely thrilled at how this project turned out!
It all started when my sewing machine started clunking. The previous project was with fleece, so I knew lint bunnies were causing my machine to clunk instead of purr. After cleaning out the lint, I decided to oil my machine. During the oiling process, I found a lever. I had no clue what this numbered lever was for, so I pulled out my trusty owner’s manual. This lever controls speed, it is used to make monogramming, applique, and sewing satin or other materials easier. Hmmmm…..
You learn something new everyday! This project looks so professional, and is a heck of a lot better than the hand sewing I was doing for appliques. (This is partially why I never sewed down the appliques on these shirts, or these ones.)
*Spoiler alert! I was so thrilled with the kids’ camp project, that I went and monogrammed something for hubby. (Stay tuned.)
My mind has been swirling with other things to monogram/applique. The next project on my to-do list is matching sheets, and a bag to keep all their gear in.
Did you know about this lever? Or is this just common knowledge, and I’m a little behind?
Have you learned something new that impacted your crafting lately? Please share, and leave a link to your project in the comments. I’d love to check it out!

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  1. Oh my word!!!! I love these. You should sell these on etsy. I am sure I have this lever on my brother machine, I ususally use my trusty vintage singer. As you saw from my post I learned that I didn't have to bother with zippers to make pants. That's my recent revelation.

    1. Thank you, this was so much easier than I had thought it would be. Also well received by the kids (considering they got towels and toothbrushes in their Easter baskets:)).
      I am so glad you shared this revelation! Although, I do need to conquer my aversion to zippers.

  2. You are such a burst of energy. I love reading your blog because it motivates me to work. I'm a very lazy person. And seriously not many people these days sew and even less know how to do it. I love the toitletry roll so much :( Its really cute. I want one too haha ;)

    1. Don't be fooled, I am not the most efficient nor productive person, but I am so glad I can inspire you!
      I LOVE sewing, and these projects were so fun to make.

  3. This is adorable! What a fun idea and it looks great! I actually keep my sewing machine booklet right with me and pull it out a lot to see what needle and foot would work best with my fabric. It's helped me out a lot!

    1. I should down and read the manual front-back. While I'm at it, I should do the same with my camera manual. ;)

  4. How perfect! It's so easy for your kids to keep their stuff organized. And I bet they feel so special with something so personalized!
    Thanks for linking up!