Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Refashion, and More Spring Cleaning

Remember the to-do pile in my sewing room I mentioned a couple of weeks ago? I finally started tackling it!
This refashion started out as a hugely too big skirt.
Refashion Before, Too Big Maxi
I picked this skirt up at Goodwill the same day I bought these shirts. It was too big, but the tags were still on, and the material was so comfy. At $1.49, I couldn’t leave it behind.
This was such a quick refashion.
Refashioning a Big Skirt to Flattering Dress
Here’s a breakdown:
  1. Try the skirt-soon-to-be-dress on, and pin the (top) sides to fit.
  2. Take the dress to the sewing machine and put under the needle at the pin mark.
  3. Line a piece of masking tape up with the side seam. This will be your sewing line. (I was too lazy to measure and pin the dress.)
  4. Sew from top to bottom. Make sure the side seam is lined up with the tape, and the ends are lined up. Sew using stitch appropriate for material.
  5. Try new dress on. If it fits, good, if not- make adjustments.
  6. When dress fits cut extra fabric from sides. This will be used for the straps.
  7. Sew the fabric pieces into tubes, turn right side out.
  8. Match the unfinished ends of tubes, and sew to the center top front of dress.
  9. Finished!
My favorite thing about this refashion? It’s a two-for-one! Pull the dress over your bust, and tie the straps halter-style around your neck for a cute, comfy dress.

Pull down to your hips, and tie the ties around your waist for a belt. Now you have a go-anywhere maxi skirt.
Refashion After, Dress or Skirt Options
What do you think?
On to Cleaning Business…Project #16 is deep cleaning the bathroom. Our bathrooms were in pretty good shape, but I still cleaned them. (Even though I tried talking myself out of it.)
When I tackled the bathroom closet last week, I didn’t have the chance to take care of the medicine cabinet, or under the sink cabinet. So that is where I poured my love today.
Cleaning the Medicine Cabinet and Under the Sink
The medicine cabinet (top): The top two shelves belong to the hubby, so I didn’t do much there. I cleared everything out, wiped down the shelves, and put hubby’s stuff back. I went through my stuff (bottom shelf), tossing items I didn’t need.
Under the sink (bottom): Same process, I pulled everything out, washed it down. Then I purged products that were almost gone, or that we didn’t use, and put everything back. (I also decided to store the toilet brush in here. I kept picturing a toddler sword fight. Winking smile)
It doesn’t look much different, but I know it is clean. All of the bathroom cabinets have been cleaned and purged!
Are you cleaning along? If so, are you finding that it is getting easier each day?

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  1. It's definitely getting easier every day! Just hoping I keep it up after the challenge is done, the whole family is enjoying the cleaner house.

    1. My feelings exactly! I hope I am able to keep up the steam after the month is over.

  2. The maxi dress is great. Have been following your lead and sorting out. Making good progress but the amount of stuff in the attic was awful and so much that I didn't even remember putting in there.

    1. Thank you, I can see this dress will get a lot of wear this summer!
      Way to go in the cleaning area! I tackled the attic a few weeks before the challenge started. I found it was one of the easier areas to declutter because this was the space things were things go to be forgotten. Keep at it!

  3. Wow, great refashion! Now I HAVE to found a too-big-maxi-skirt...
    Newest GFC and bloglovin' follower here :)

    1. Thanks so much for following!
      If you cannot find a too-big skirt, this style would be easy with fabric yardage.

  4. I love the dress! What a great idea. Inspiration, thank you.

    1. Thank you, it is very flattering on. Next up is to incorporate pockets like your dress!
      I am so glad I am able to return the favor (because your refashions always ignite a spark for me).

  5. Ooh pretty! That looks so quick, and the color is great! I need to go find an extra large skirt to refashion!
    Thanks for linking up!