Monday, April 15, 2013

A Sneak Peek at My New Project

I have a confession…my attention is easily diverted.

For the weekend cleaning project I was supposed to choose between cleaning a closet, surface cleaning an extra room, or deep cleaning a bedroom.

Instead I started a HUGE project!

Want a sneak peak?

What is she up to now

Talk about a huge project! I cannot wait to get it done, unfortunately I have to wait until the weekend to get anymore headway. (Need heavy equipment…)

Have I made you curious? Good, now I HAVE to finish this project (I love that I have a reason to be accountable).

Back to the 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge. (See how easily my attention is diverted?) I did surface clean the room were I was working on this mammoth project. Not because I was following the challenge, but for the safety of my family. There were so many sharp wires, dust, small pieces and much more laying in the aftermath.

I also forced myself to do the dishes before bed, pick up the living room, and vacuum. After I type it out, it looks like I did more than I thought.

Does the oncoming of spring and sunshine inspire you to tackle huge projects? What big projects have you done recently, or are planning to do soon?

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