Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Project 23 Update

We are 23 days into the 30 day Home Cleaning Challenge. Yippee!

Project #23 was to clean the floors. Mine need it bad….but I got distracted.

Our boys need summer clothes, so I spent a good portion of naptime sewing (hopefully I can post pictures later today, or tomorrow).

I did manage to sweep, scrub, and mop the stairs going to the basement. After having water in the basement, these stairs were disgusting! I cringed every time I walked down them. I am rather embarrassed to post pictures, but here they are anyways:

Scrubbing the Basement Stairs

  • I swept the stairs.
  • Sprayed with citrus vinegar
  • Folded laundry
  • Came back and scrubbed away the dirt and grime
  • Mopped

My plans were to vacuum and mop all the floors, but my seam ripper and I had a date.

Today’s challenge is the linen closet. Since most of our closets have been cleaned, purged, and organized I plan on finishing the floors and hopefully working on my dresser.

How is your home looking? Are you still following along, just starting, or just plain tired of reading about my adventures in a dirty home?

*Want a little humor? I started working on the boys’ summer wardrobe yesterday. Today, it is snowing. What the! (I think someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that it is April.)


  1. I haven't been following to the letter but have been inspired to do some of my own cleaning. We have rugs on our stairs so you just reminded me that I need to vacuum! I had company coming over yesterday which is a great motivator. I swept and mopped my kitchen and cleaned the bathroom. Then I just closed the doors to the bedroom! lol.

    1. Company always gets me going too. We do have the habit of throwing everything into a room, then sitting the kids down and telling them, "Under no circumstance what-so-ever is anybody to go in this room." We're working on this...