Saturday, April 6, 2013

30-Day House Cleaning Challenge Weekend Update

Are you getting sick of my Cleaning Challenge posts yet? Hope not, we have three weeks left! The challenge for days 5,6,and 7 is posted here. (I kind of did my own thing.)

First off, this is leaving the house:

30 Day Cleaning Challenge, Getting the Guys on Board

The guys sorted through their huge hat collection! (Bonus- I found a proper storage technique for the rest of them.) On to the cleaning:

Usually one day every other weekend we have a family cleaning session.

The sad thing is that besides the basics we need to survive (like dishes and laundry), our house doesn’t receive a whole lot of attention until this bi-weekly cleaning day.

This week was different. Because of this 30-day challenge the family only had to clean up their messes (they will learn to clean up after themselves someday, right). I decided to deep clean a little more. No pictures today, but here’s what I did:

  • File papers
  • Make homemade hot pockets for freezer
  • Clear bar properly (this means that I actually put everything in its home!)
  • Clean breakfast room
  • Clean dining room (dusting and all!)
  • Vacuum upstairs and downstairs
  • Clean the remaining downstairs interior windows
  • Clean boys’ room
  • Switch boys’ clothes over (man they grow like weeds!)
  • Laundry (this is stellar, I usually spend all day Monday doing laundry!)
  • Bake chocolate orange scones (okay, this is not cleaning, but I was so motivated by my clean kitchen that I baked!)

I have plans to get just a little more done this weekend, if time (or energy) permits. If not, no big deal.

I am so tickled with how much I accomplished!

Do you pick up after your family, or do they help? It takes such a conscious effort for me not to constantly pick up trash the kids leave around the house. We are trying to teach them to clean up after themselves, but sometimes it seems easier to do it myself.

Thanks so much for sticking with me! Stop back tomorrow for the promised sewing updates.


  1. Awesome job on the cleaning! My son is 3, so I clean up after him.


    1. I clean up after the twins, although they do 'help'. The eleven and fourteen year olds need reminding. The joys of teens...

  2. OK, the chocolate orange scones just sound fantastic!! Way to make a Friday even better :)

    1. They were so delicious! I'll have to post a link, and my adjustment soon. Thanks for stopping by.