Friday, April 12, 2013

Day 11, Decluttering the Bathroom Closet

Challenge #11 was to clean the bathroom. The bathrooms received their love, which wasn’t a huge task since it was done last week. I did have an extra project on my list though.

Our bathroom storage was getting out of hand, so my goal was to declutter and organize the closet.

Decluttering The Bathroom Closet

This closet is deep, and tends to be yet another piling ground in our house. Everything was taken out of the closet. The shelves were washed, and towels refolded. Things that didn’t belong in there were put in their proper homes. I then threw away the bottles of stuff that have been in there forever, because we don’t need/use it. (L.A. Looks Super Hold Hair Gel? Really?) Finally, everything else (the stuff that belongs in this closet) was put back in the closet.

The sad part? I tackled this project about three months ago. How did it get this bad?

Now that my living room painting is done, I need to catch up on the basics around here (like dishes, laundry, etc.). I plan to tackle these basics, and Day 12-14 projects during naptime so I can enjoy the weekend.

Do you have to declutter the same spots as often as I do? Seriously, stuff multiplies like rabbits around here!

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