Monday, April 29, 2013

Preppy Shorts Part Two

I apologize for not getting this post up Friday (like I had said I would). We ended up having a pretty full weekend.
The boys and I walked (I walked, they rode) our first 5K.
Walking For Ovarian Cancer
My brother ran (and came in fourth place). His girlfriend and my nephew walked with us. We were blessed with the most beautiful weather!
On to round two of the summer wardrobe.
Sewing for Summer, A Dress Shirt Refashion
(It is so hard to photograph these kids!)
This refashion started out as one of hubby’s discarded button-up shirts.
Men's Shirt to Toddler Shorts
Like the last refashion, I wanted to incorporate the back details.
Including the Back Detail
I cut the sleeves off, and lined up the pattern pieces to my liking. Then I sewed it together using this tutorial again. The elastic was leftover from the first pair of shorts (salvaged from a pair of leggings).
Men's Shirt to Boy's Shorts Refashion
Front view.
Incorporating the Shirt Details
Back view.
Total Cost: $0.00
I have had a blast sewing up these shorts. It seems to be easier to cut into clothes that are destined to leave the house than my fabric stash. (I tend to fear making mistakes and having to scrap the project.) Now I see so much potential in our unwanted clothing.
Next on my list are summer shirts to coordinate with the boy’s new shorts. I have one finished, and the second one cut out. (Hopefully I will be able to share with you this week.)
Your turn: Have you tried using unwanted clothing as a fabric source, or do you prefer sewing with new fabric? I love hearing your thoughts.
*On a side note, I have been cleaning, I promise. I hope to post an update later today.

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  1. Yes! This is an awesome refashion! I love that you kept the back detail on the shorts! And that plaid is perfect for summer!
    Thanks for linking up!