Monday, February 25, 2013

T-Shirt Refashion for Toddlers

Hubby has earned/collected a ton of t-shirts in his lifetime. He plays softball, bowls, and used to shoot darts. Every team needs a t-shirt right? What about if they win the championship? You guessed it, another t-shirt. (Hey, I guess it’s better than a trophy, how on earth would I upcycle all the trophies? Smile)
My step-son is also involved in sports, so more t-shirts. We have hand-me-downs from my baseball/football/basketball playing nephew. Needless to say, we have a lot of t-shirts.
One of my 30 by 30 goals is to craft through my stash. Somehow these t-shirts ended up in my stash.
The twins need t-shirts. Specifically long-sleeved shirts. (Have you ever tried to buy long-sleeved shirts in February?)
Last week Melissa from Melly Sews posted a how to sew a t-shirt tutorial (and pattern). She made it look achievable, so I decided to tackle our t-shirt pile. Here’s the outcome:
Upcyle For The Toddler
The gray shirt was the first one I tackled. The project was a quick one, about half an hour. I used an XL men’s gray t-shirt for the body. The neck and decal came from a men’s large softball t-shirt.
T-Shirt Refashion for the Toddler
This one was my problem tee. I was working at night, and that seems to be when I make stupid mistakes (like forgetting to not cut the fold, that’s why we have the layered sleeves). The quality is lacking compared to the gray shirt.
Melissa’s tutorial and pattern are wonderful! The hubby was so impressed, he mentioned going through his closet so I have more t-shirts. Thanks for supporting my stash busting hubby. Here’s a few tips:
  • Use the biggest shirt possible. The orange shirt was small, causing a little frustration and creativity.
  • To save time, and have a finished-looking project- use existing hems. This is why the sleeves are a little long, I didn’t subtract the extra seam allowance. Oh well, it works (and they grow, fast).
  • Use the neckband from the old t-shirt. Just cut it off right above the serging. I unpicked the red collar during a car ride, too much work. The blue collar I just cut. They had the same effect.
  • Want a cute ‘boy’ applique? Look in your coloring books. I traced the animals from a coloring book. Then I traced it onto fusible stuff. Ironed it onto scrap t-shirt. Cut it out, and ironed it onto the finished project. I didn’t sew them down, too many small details. (I’ll let you know how they hold up.)
  • If existing t-shirt has details you like, use them. (For example, the name on the sleeve.)
  • Toddlers are awesome to practice your skills. The project is usually small and quick. Also, they rarely stay still, so any imperfections that you are hung up on are not noticeable to the general public.
Have you done any boy refashions? If so, share them in the comments, I am always looking for more things to sew for my boys.
Here’s to a wonderful week!

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  1. Oh Teresa!!!! These are awesome!!! They look so cute in them. I rarely sew for the boys but I am actually posting a tutorial for some pants I made for my soon to be 6 year old.

    These pics warmed my heart, so glad you are working through your list, little by little. It;s amazing you can do anything with these little cuties!

    1. They were so fun and quick to create. I am really getting into sewing clothes for the boys. (Mainly because yes, they are adorable models :)
      I look forward to seeing your pants tutorial. I haven't made bottoms for the boys since before they were walking (when they didn't have to have as much shape to them). I think I would enjoy trying pants.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Super cute! I'd love for you to consider joining our first ever Pattern Party! Only those with free patterns to share are invited to link up! Check it out.

    1. Sounds like fun. Unfortunately, this isn't my pattern (source is linked to above.) But I'll see what I can come up with in the next week. Thanks for the invite.