Thursday, February 21, 2013

Daddy Saved a Box

Hubby brought home a box. A big box.

He came home from work with excitement on his face, a roll of duct tape on his wrist, a utility knife in his back pocket, and a box.

We got to cutting; cut out a door and window. Then we taped the flap down, and taped the door and window edges (don’t want any boo-boos). Remember all that leftover green felt I have? I grabbed enough to cover the door, cut strips most of the way up, and taped it down. (We thought about giving the boys markers to color the walls, but mommy had instant visions of the whole house being colored, maybe next time.)

This playhouse has survived a month of rough and tough boy play. The boys play in it upright. They flip it on its side. Their favorite is turning it upside down, climbing through the window, running out, around, and doing it over and over. We have story time in the box. The boys flip it over, grab a stack of books and their milk, then coerce mama to get in and read.

Sadly, this box has been beaten up (it did last over a month). But, don’t worry, daddy brought home another box.

I married the best dad ever!

Its amazing the joy they get from trash. What items have your kids saved from the trash?


  1. Looks like fun! I remember making similar things as a kid, cubbies like these were awesome!

    1. Hubby told guys he works with about all the fun the boys are having. They have all started taking home boxes!
      Best trash save ever!

  2. This post really touched me. First of all, the photo of those two little guys and secondly because I still get excited when I see a big box. It goes back to childhood and making space ships and playhouses and carries on from there. What fun.

    1. I am amazed at the creativity this box has ignited in my (19 month old) boys. Most recently the box has been smooshed, they now use it for a slide. Thankfully hubby comes across these boxes frequently at work.
      Thank you so much for stopping by!