Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Twin Tip Tuesday; The Doctor Is In

Today’s twin tip may be common sense, but still oh so important. It also applies to all parents.
Twin Tip: Take the time to find the right pediatrician. (If your current pediatrician isn’t working out; find a different one!)
The right pediatrician is going to look different for each and every person. I suggest that you make a list of what is important to your family health wise/medically. Take this list and interview prospects. Yes, interview them.
Twin Tip Tuesday
Our pediatrician: Is very in tune to our parenting methods. This is why we choose her. She is very intelligent, and tries preventing troubles that may occur later in life (for instance keeping a close eye on Xander for possible hip dysplasia). She uses methods other than medication if at all possible (something that is extremely important to me), like testing for food allergies before prescribing medication to mask a problem. She was on board with our choice to try breastfeeding, encouraging me to set more realistic goals(so glad she did this). She applauded my efforts, and did not make me feel like a failure when I had decided to quit after two months. Lastly, mom and dad’s health is extremely important to her.
Why I LOVE our pediatrician: Our boys have (mostly) slept through the night since they were six weeks old. (Except through teething episodes.) We find ourselves extremely lucky. Some households have one baby/toddler who doesn’t sleep well, I could not imagine having two! I sincerely feel that our pediatrician is the primary reason for this (and the stars were all aligned at the exact moment our boys were born) Smile She always asked about their sleep patterns, and gave us suggestions for getting them sleep to sleep through the night. She would give a follow-up call to check up on us. She also made sure that I knew to call if our methods weren’t working. Because mom and dad need to be healthy for baby to be healthy.
What I look for in a pediatrician is going to be different from your family’s needs. That being said, it is so important that you find a doctor who’s practice align with your values and chosen parenting methods.
Before you curse me too much here’s my disclaimer: Every situation is different! I am not bragging, criticizing, passing judgment, or claiming myself to be an expert mother. I know how lucky we are. I am just trying to offer avenues that I have found helpful, things we have had to figure out on our own that may make life easier for others if shared.


  1. OMG! Your boys are adorable!!!! My friend actually called me yesterday to tell m she was pregnant with twins! I will definitely refer her to this blog in preparation. i would be lost without my pediatrician, great read!

    1. Thank you, they are keepers for sure :)
      That is so exciting! Let her know she can contact me if she has any questions (remember, I am not an expert; but may be of some help).

  2. I definitely will tell her Theresa, thank you!