Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mama’s Cutting Up Daddy’s Shirts, Again!

Do you remember this shirt? I made that shirt over four months ago, and the boys hadn’t worn it until last weekend.
Reason #1, I had only made one shirt. Reason #2, that upside-down decal was quirky, but annoyed the crap out of this perfectionist.
This is one downside to being a crafty mama of twins (and the reason I temporarily traded my knitting needles for crochet hooks). You have to corral your crafting ADD, and make two of everything. This is also why I do not knit socks, can you imagine having to make four!
Here’s the first refashion, refashioned:
Boy Button-up Refashion, Triceratops
I covered up the upside down decal with a Triceratops applique. The design was copied from a coloring book, cut out from t-shirt material, and fused on with Wonder-Under (doing a little experiment).
Boy Button-up Refashion, T-Rex
The second shirt was also one of hubby’s donations. I used the same method and pattern. T-Rex came from the same coloring book and was applied in the same manner.
I am in love with making these shirts for my boys. Absolutely free (always a good price in my book), simple and straight forward, and minimal time investment required. Not to mention how handsome my boys look. Winking smile
Now that I have two under my belt, I am trying a couple of different methods to save a little finishing time. I’ll keep you updated.
I am thinking that we may need some pants. Do you have any favorite pants patterns? If so, leave a link in the comments, I would love to give it a whirl!
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  1. I LOVE theses!! Now I have to look up wonder under, I haven't heard of that... I love the chunky applique on these button downs, it's so perfect. The coloring book tip is a great one, I'll have to remember that :)

    1. Wonder Under is a fusible web, like Heat n Bond. I actually used Heat n Bond on the t-shirts I did. I haven't sewed the appliques on either of the shirts, and was curious how each fusing reacted.
      Thank you so much for visiting!

  2. I love this!!!!!! I need all the ideas I can get for boy fashion. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, all those girl mamas are lucky in that aspect-there are so many possibilities. I have to say though, I really enjoy sewing clothes for my little guys.