Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Review, Menu, and Goals

We had such a busy weekend! We celebrated an eleventh birthday. The birthday girl’s dinner choice was steak and potatoes. She also requested a vanilla cake with strawberry lemonade frosting. (A different request, but accomplished!)

egg-free birthday cake

I used this cake recipe (its egg-free), minus the raspberry filling. Absolutely delicious! The frosting also turned out pretty yummy, look for a post in the future.

We took the family and four extra girls (aged 9-11) swimming at the Y. (Are we crazy or what!) They had a blast. Then we all came home and continued the birthday celebration. Our weekend was finished off with the birthday shopping tradition.

I love celebrations and having friends and family over, but my goodness am I glad to see Monday!

Want to know what we are eating this week?

  • Monday- Clean out the fridge (we have so much food left over from this weekend)
  • Tuesday- Spare Ribs
  • Wednesday- Spaghetti
  • Thursday- ? Chicken maybe.
  • Friday- Fish
  • Saturday- Easter get together with my family, ham and cheesy potatoes
  • Sunday- Dinner at husband’s parents


Last Week Update

  1. Work on etsy shop. I have been putting this off for too long, I really need to get moving on it.
  2. Post 3 blog posts, work on two others.
  3. Work on baseball tee tutorial.
  4. Clean/purge attic.
  5. Make some lunches for the freezer.
  6. If I find time, peel wallpaper border from living room, and wash walls.

This Week:

  1. Easter presents/baskets.
  2. Post 3 blog posts.
  3. Finish all unfinished projects on sewing table.
  4. Clean/purge spare bedroom closet

This looks like a short list, but oh my do I ever have the pile of half-finished sewing projects building up. I plan to finish these this week, and spend the rest of the time working on Easter stuff.

Do you have any Easter gifts to finish up this week (or are you like me, and just starting them)?


  1. Such a lovely cake and I love it was eggless too...

    1. This recipe was delicious! Sometimes egg-free cake recipes are on the 'heavy' side. This one was light and wonderful.

  2. I didn't realize you had a girl, Happy Birthday to her, looks like a yummy cake!

    1. Yes, I have an 11 year old step daughter, and 14 year old step son in addition to the twins.
      The cake was wonderful, one to go in my recipe box!