Friday, February 7, 2014

Plaid Footed Pajamas

Two posts in one week, what the?!!

This past fall I may have bought a huge mess of sewing patterns at a deeply discounted price…
One of those patterns is the Classic Footed Pajamas from peek-a-boo pattern shop. (affiliate link)

Plaid Footed Jammies

It is so hard to keep these little guys to stay still for very long. Needless to say, they like their jammies.

Red Plaid Jammies

I would call this pattern an advanced beginner, borderline intermediate sewer. While the pattern was not hard, there were a few more advanced techniques. Fortunately, there are detailed step-by-step instructions for said techniques (zippers anybody?).

I made these late at night (and any of you who have followed me for some time, know I tend to make mistakes when the sun sets), so there were a few spots that I had to re-read the instructions.

                    Gray Footed Jammies Red Footie Jammies

Both pairs are made from fleece, and the sleeve cuffs and neck binding are made from t-shirt scraps. The sleeve binding was a little tricky, but patience paid off.

The only problem I have had with these pajamas is that the zipper irritates the boys at times. This is not the fault of the pattern, I choose to skip the zipper facing. Next time I will definitely add the facing.

I love that this pattern (and most of the patterns in the shop) comes in sizes 3 months- 8 years. I have been thinking about making all of my nieces and nephews pajamas for next Christmas, and this pattern would have them all covered.
Have you made footie jammies before? I am not sure that these are actually cheaper than buying pajamas from the store, but they sure are cute! And I love that little sense of accomplishment I get seeing the boys run around in footed pajamas that I made for them.


  1. Those plaid pajamas look so cute. I never made footie jammies before but I did make a dog costume for my nephew when he was only about 4 months old and it was pretty much like one. I drafted the pattern and it ended up better than I ever thought it would. Especially because back then I wasn't as good sewing as I am today (it was 8 years ago).

    1. The boys' thing one and thing two costume were a lot like that. (I just omitted the feet.) Footie jammies are a staple this winter!

  2. Oh my word! They are soooo cute!!! I love the jammies. You don't know how much you are inspiring to make boy clothes! I made a couple of things recently and am going to post soon.

    1. I can't wait to see what you made your little guys! (Because you may not realize this, but you inspire me so much too!)
      Thank you, the pattern is pretty easy and they help keep the boys warm during this long, snow filled winter.