Monday, March 3, 2014

Spring Break

I am on spring break this week. I decided to use this week to play catch-up, and hopefully even get ahead.

Spring Cleaning

On my to-do list:

  • Study for exam and finish school work. (I know, on spring break?)
  • Finish orders. I have three crocheted hats, a chef’s hat and apron, and two zippered pouches.
  • Finish up on this week’s pattern testing.
  • Sew an outfit for each one of the boys. *Bonus, refashioning some clothing in the process.
  • Write blog posts for all the projects that are waiting to be shared.
  • Make some freezer meals to get us through the semester.
  • If I have time….I may clean….. (Or let the boys clean)

If you had a week with some extra time, how would you use it? I know I am a little crazy, and I should be relaxing or something this week. But…most of the things on my list are relaxing to me. So stay tuned, hopefully I can stick to it!


  1. I am in a nesting mode right now, I'm a SAHM so am always home anyway. Lately I've been feeling like organizing and cleaning every little corner around the house, and that's what I've been up to while G. is on daycare.

    1. That was the best part of pregnancy. You get so much accomplished!

  2. If I could have some extra time I would... watch that ton of Craftsy classes I'm collecting and watching until 1 a.m.with headphones.. so I could go bed earlier and sleep more... If I can ask, I could really ue...mmm...let me think... 48 hours a day? everysingleday? Just dreamin'!
    Well, let's go drafting!
    C U Theresa!

    1. I am starting to collect the Craftsy classes too! I could use a few more hours for sure (although I probably wouldn't manage them that well). ;)