Monday, July 9, 2012

Bitter Sweet

Another weekend come and gone. In our household this weekend also represented one more year.

The twins turned one this weekend. Everyone says time flies when you have children. I think time may fly twice as fast with twins. I am amazed everyday at how amazing God is. He has given us two healthy, active, handsome, little boys. I can't even call them babies. They are little boys. They are growing, learning and changing daily.

This weekend also marked the second year without my dad. Two years ago he was in a fatal motorcycle accident. Two and a half weeks before my husband and I got married. I am so thankful that God kept my mom safe (she was on her motorcycle behind him). I just really miss that man. He was a wonderful father and husband. He was the rock our family stood on. I know he would have been the best grandpa too.

It is so hard to switch the emotions back and forth so much in one weekend- joy and sadness; happiness and hurt; pride and regrets. We are one more year more experienced, and healed.

Here's to another year!

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