Friday, July 27, 2012

Raiding Hubby's Donation Pile- T-Shirt Refashion DIY

I have a problem. I am taller than the average woman.

This is not an actual problem. I quite like my height. The problem is buying clothing. Most jeans are too short. The talls are usually too long. I also have a problem finding t-shirts that are long enough.

What's a girl to do? Keep an eye on her husband's donate pile.

Hubby was given this shirt.

He was never going to wear it. It is a v-neck; a no-go for hubby. It is a medium (he likes large-x-large). It has what he calls 'girly' stripes. So this t-shirt floated around the house; getting stuffed one place, then moved to another.

I finally took matters into my own hands.

Here's what I did:

I pulled out one of my t-shirts that I love the fit of. Turn the big shirt inside-out. Place the little shirt on the big shirt. You can trace, or pin along lines. (Although I hate pinning, I pinned. I didn't want the side seams to shift.) I kept the extra length in the torso and sleeves.

Sew along marked lines (yellow lines). Try shirt on. This is important! Try it on before you make any cuts! (Remember measure twice, cut once.) If it fits, cut off the extra material.

Add extra embellishment if you wish. I had some iron-ons in my stash, so I slapped 'em on.

All done. Admire your new shirt. (Bonus: no more worrying about showing too much cleavage, front and back.)

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