Wednesday, July 11, 2012

30 by 30, How am I doing?

Two months down, ten until I turn 30. I made a list of 30 things I would like to accomplish by my thirtieth birthday. I have been feeling directionless lately, so I want to review my list so I can make a few goals for myself this month. Lets see how I've been doing. (Don't get too excited, I haven't been doing much.)

  1. Purge home, clear clutter- we did have two garage sales this summer, but this home has a long way to go.
  2. Make cleaning a habit- I'm getting a little better at this. I did make a chore chart for the older kids, and their help helps me immensely.
  3. Make recycling a habit- we were notified that we are getting curbside recycling in August, so this one is going great!
  4. Scan pictures, organize pictures- have not done a thing.
  5. Organize recipes- in May or June I did start writing some of my loose recipes on index cards, but I still have a ways to go. I want to add to this goal become effective at meal planning.
  6. Paint bedroom, decorate- nope, nothing done.
  7. Paint living room, decorate- nope, nothing done
  8. Learn how to effectively manage household and time- this is a constant wip (work in progress for you non-knitters). I don't feel that I am making much headway, but I am learning.
  9. Make wedding album- nope, nothing done
  10. Journal for the boys- nope, nothing done
  11. Journal for my husband- nope, nothing done
  12. Learn how to use my camera, take more pictures- I haven't learned how to use the camera any differently than I have been. I have been trying to take more pictures, but I lack consistency.
  13. Have monthly date nights with my husband- I don't think we have done this yet, we do have a sitter for the night this month.
  14. Go on mini-vacation with hubby- we have talked a little, but not made any plans yet.
  15. Go on vacation with the family- have not made plans yet.
  16. Read to the boys everyday- I have started reading to them a lot more, but not quite everyday.
  17. Learn to/teach the kids to pray (and Lord's prayer and Ten Commandments)- nope, not yet.
  18. Teach my step-daughter to sew and/or encourage her creative interests- she just finished softball, so this goal has been untouched.
  19. Implement a budget- nope, not yet.
  20. Start nursing clinicals- did not get in for the fall semester, hopefully this winter.
  21. Manage time better- (this is on 8, oh well), I am a tortoise right now.
  22. Get up early (like to start day by 6:00)- I am getting better at this, usually about 6:30.
  23. Dress for my hubby more often (less jeans and t-shirts)- This is going great. I have been wearing so many more dresses and skirts. It could be because it is summer, hopefully I can keep up.
  24. Style hair more, less ponytails- Sometimes I am good at this, sometimes not. I have too much hair and am debating a big cut.
  25. Blog regularly- well..haven't really been consistent at this one.
  26. Exercise regularly- nope.
  27. Craft through craft books, get rid of craft books not needed- I started, stupid me I started with Generation T. I knew I wasn't getting rid of these books, so I should have left them on the shelf.
  28. Craft through stash- see 27. (T-shirts are not stash)
  29. Make a dress, and wear it- nope.
  30. Start selling on etsy- I have thought about it, but not taken a step.
  31. Do a 365 project- nope.
  32. Have a (semi) handmade Christmas- pinned some ideas, but nothing completed.
Wow! I have a lot of work.

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