Monday, July 23, 2012

Routine with Twins?

Nap time!

I have been focusing on getting up earlier these last few weeks. Its been going great.

There are a few reasons I have been focusing on getting up earlier. One reason is so I can see hubby for a few minutes before he leaves for work. I make him an iced coffee, and get a big water jug ready for him while he throws his lunch together.

After hubby leaves I usually have an hour to hour and a half before the boys get up. I have been trying to use this time to get some housework done, clothes on the line, shower, and dressed for the day.

This past week, all week- the boys have been waking up between 6:30 and 6:45, even earlier a couple days. Now, this doesn't bother me one bit. It is actually nice because hubby gets a chance to see them before he leaves for work. The only problem is that my routine needs to change, again.

For me this is the toughest part of motherhood. I like to have a routine. For the last year, I feel I have established a routine, then the boys let me know its not right for this time in our life. Sometimes I feel like a hamster, spinning on my wheel and getting nowhere.

Don't get me wrong- we have been very fortunate so far. The boys have slept through the night most of their life. They go to bed fairly easy and early most of the time. They are calm, happy, healthy little boys. We have been lucky!

I just need to accept that things are ALWAYS going to be changing, and learn how to ride the wave. Does anyone else have a hard time dealing with a lack of a routine?

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