Friday, January 18, 2013

Where Did the Week Go? 365 update

Wow, this week flew! I had intentions of posting more, I even wrote posts- that’s where it ended. I guess life just got in the way (also explains the lack of progress photos today, sorry).

It seems that most of this week took planning, and determination (aka forcing myself to do something). For instance, Tuesday I had a root canal. This root canal was a little different than most, I’ll spare you the gory details- but the term “filet the gums” was used more than once. Everything turned out fine, just took some planning on my part, you know being deliberate. I crocheted in the morning, when I usually pick up the house. I also took my project with me, and utilized red lights and waiting room time. At least 30 minutes of crafting, CHECK!

Enough rambling, did I keep up the rest of the week?

  • 10th- 1 hour in sewing room
  • 11th- 1 1/2 hour in sewing room
  • 12th- 2+ hours sewing! (I didn’t get much sleep, if any the night before. I wanted to go to bed, but I forced myself to trek down the stairs, and get to work.)
  • 13th- crochet on and off throughout day, 45 minutes hand sewing
  • 14th- 1 1/2 hour in sewing room
  • 15th- knew I wouldn’t make it to my sewing dungeon, so crocheted 1 hour in morning before appointment, at red lights, and in waiting room.
  • 16th- 1 hour in sewing room
  • 17th- 1 1/2 hours in sewing room, 30 (ish) minutes crocheting
  • 18th- 45 minutes in sewing room, 30 (ish) minutes crocheting

I have found that crafting is becoming a habit. I am also feeling more creative and motivated in other areas of my life, a definite plus. I think I am developing a habit…

Have you been working on changing/developing a habit?

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