Thursday, January 10, 2013

365 days of Creating for Cash Update 1

Its ten days into 2013. Usually any resolutions I have made are long forgotten be now. What about my commitment to Create for Cash?

As you may remember from last week, I set a goal of Creating for at least 30 minutes every day for a year. Can I do it? So far, mostly, yup. Here’s a breakdown from the past nine days:

  • 1st- 1 1/2 hours in sewing room
  • 2nd- 1 1/2 hours in sewing room
  • 3rd- 1 hour in sewing room
  • 4th- 1 1/2 hour in sewing room
  • 5th- I had some housework that had to get done during naptime, so I crocheted while the boys were playing. (30 minutes +)
  • 6th- The boys wanted to party all night, so naptime also meant mommy naptime. Frogged dishcloth from yesterday, and started over. (30 minutes +)
  • 7th- 1 1/2 hours in sewing room
  • 8th- Took pictures, edited pictures, and started working on Etsy listings (talk about overwhelming!)
  • 9th- 1 hour in sewing room

smootiesncrafting 008

These are my (mostly) completed projects from this week, plus I have cut out a few in each pattern so they are ready for customization. It doesn’t look too impressive in photo; maybe I should have posted a picture of the stack waiting to be customized.

I have learned that ironing and cutting takes more time than anything. I also learned that although I love sewing and the final product, I truly enjoy the ironing and cutting process. Therapeutic of sorts.

I have also fallen into a routine that I enjoy. (You know me and routines. Smile) On the flipside, I still have to focus on being deliberate (see Saturday and Sunday).

I plan in the next week or two to discuss my routine (if it is still working), the how's and why’s of what I make, and my plans for other items.

What motivates you? How do you squeeze in time (or squeeze out productivity)?


  1. You are like me! I love structure, lists, and routines!Bravo on gatting crafting done. i know how hard it is to be determined about this. Thank you for stoppong by my blog, I am now following you.

    1. I love routine and structure! That's why I became so scatter-brained and unorganized after the boys were born.As soon as I get a routine going, the boys need things changed up, again.
      I am so surprised that I have made it this far (21 days!). Thanks for visiting/following/commenting.