Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Story Looks Up. (a little more about me)

I have tried to pick this story back up quite a few times. And then deleted the posts. The last Letting You In post left off at my dad’s memorial. I wanted, err…felt I needed to continue the story because dad’s death is not the only reason why my life has changed so much in the past couple of years. I’m just having a problem continuing in a story format like before. It didn’t help any that I wrote the series around the holidays. This made it even more emotional for me. I have decided to continue (finally), but I’m just going to bullet some highlights. Here goes:

  • School- I finished the semester (despite my teacher’s kind encouragement to take the semester off). I not only finished, I earned myself a spot on the Dean’s List. An accomplishment I am very proud of given all the circumstances I had to face that semester.
  • Marriage- We had our wedding, a week and a half after burying my father, and in the midst of a busy school semester. It was the most beautiful wedding ever. I know I am biased, but people are still talking about it.


  • Honeymoon- We took our honeymoon a month after our wedding. (After the summer semester of school was over.) I am a planner, my husband is not. We decided to take off without reservations, or a concrete plan. We went where our GPS took us (Pennsylvania), checked out each town’s legacy, and had the most wonderful vacation ever!
  • Work- I started working at a nursing home. I’ll never forget the day of my interview. I was offered the job about 15 minutes in. I tried to call dad with my exciting news, left a message for a stranger.
  • Nursing- Validated for the (extremely long) waiting list for nursing clinicals. I’m still waiting…
  • Family- My mom bought a house closer to us (about a block from me, and about two blocks from my brother). My brother (who also had major life changes during this time) left for his second deployment. Thankfully he is home, safe and sound.

Next week I’ll tell you my pregnancy story.

What do you want to know about me? (If it’s nothing, and you feel these little tidbits waste our time you can let me know that too.)


  1. I can't even begin to imagine what a turbulent time it must've been around your wedding *hugs* This is a gorgeous shot!

    PS - I like reading these little bits and pieces! Keep 'em coming :)

    1. The given circumstances really helped put things back into perspective. Everything went perfectly!

  2. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope you continue to follow :)
    Looks like we both like to make to-do lists! Its the only way I can stay organized! You have some great ideas on here!

    1. The never-ending to-do list. I love crossing things off! (Although I'm not nearly as organized as I used to be.)
      Thanks so much for visting/following!

  3. I like reading too, def keep them coming. My fathers death brought my hubby and I back together after a break up, we got married 2 years later. I love that u were able to continue your plans, I believe He would have not had it any other way.

    1. I think that if we had changed our wedding plans, he would have been absolutely devestated. (something we had considered doing given the circumstances) It ended up being such a perfect celebration, and I'm sure he would have been proud!