Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Menu, on Tuesday…

No Twin Tip this week.

I know, I know; I’m sorry.

The thing is, I have been in a bit of a funk this last week. I have been unmotivated, uninspired, and feeling pretty lazy.

I even failed at my 365 days of creating. I would go into my sewing room, look around, wander a bit, wallow about how I need to do something, and then not do anything.

Anyways, enough of the boo-hoo-ing. Want to know what we are eating this week? (a little late…)

  • Sunday- Ginger Chicken or leftovers (the leftovers are for the picky eater around here)
  • Monday- Nachos (step-son’s choice)
  • Tuesday- Chicken Pot Pie
  • Wednesday- Tuna Noodle Bake (hubby’s request)
  • Thursday- Roast
  • Friday- Leftovers, or possibly chili (request by hubby)
  • Saturday- see Friday

Menu planning is one of those things that seems daunting to me, but once we I get into the groove life becomes that much easier.

Lately the family has been paying attention. My step-daughter and the neighbor girl were reading the menu board. Neighbor girl says, “Oooh, you guys are eating good food this week. I should come over for dinner.”

The step-son likes knowing what to expect after school or sports. He usually makes a comment on the way to school about what is on the board for dinner tonight. His newfound attention to details has its highs and lows. High- I know he’s paying attention, and dinner is one more security we can plug into his teenage life. Low- I know he’s paying attention. There is no way I can make up a quick batch of grilled cheeses when tacos are scheduled.

The one who’s attention impressed me the most last week? Hubby. He had to make a trip to the store before he was done with work. He picked up shredded cheese for taco night, because he noticed we didn’t have any left, and tacos were scheduled. (I was just planning on shredding up a block.) Thursday night was the best. Hubby says, “we’re still having homemade pizza tomorrow…..right? Pizza sounds really good.” (Funny thing is; this is the man that said I shouldn’t put pizza on the schedule every other Friday because we would just get bored. Good thing I took the kids’ advice.)

How about you, do you find menu planning easy, necessary, daunting, difficult, or unnecessary?

Any tips for getting out of the winter funks? (Besides a tropical vacation, not in the budget) Winking smile


  1. Menu planning is daunting for me too. I hate cooking, I rather sew but alas, the kids can't eat fabric. lol. But reading this post made a light bulb go off. My older son, who has autism, loves to know what to expect, I think that could be a motivator right there, menu planning could really help him. You asked for suggestions and u helped me! On the winter blues, just go with it, craft wintery stuff, scarf, hats, mittens. I just posted a tutorial on a sleeved scarf, I was cold and this is what I came up with. Looking forward to ur progress, don't beat yourself up though, u do enough!

    1. I love to cook, but for some reason planning it out seems to baffle me. I'm so glad this may be a good parenting tool for your family! (Our toolbox can always use more tools.)
      It is so funny you mentioned crafting wintery stuff, because I had just pulled out a skein of yarn and a hook and started working on a hat. My creativity got a jumpstart, and I have plans for (more) hats for the boys.
      p.s. Your sleeved scarf tutorial was genius!