Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Twin Tip Tuesday, Cribs or Bassinets?

Happy Tuesday.

I would really like to be more deliberate about posting twin tips. Not because I know it all, because lets face it- I don’t. I want to be more regular, because of the lack of information I was able to find. Keep in mind, I am not trained in any way, shape or form, except for the fact that I am the mama of twins. So without delay, today’s topic:

Bassinets, 1 crib, 2 crib? What do I need?

I was puzzled with this question during most of my pregnancy. I had people (who had never had multiples) tell me I had to have bassinets. I read articles and books that discussed babies sleeping in the same or separate cribs. I had such a hard time making a decision.

This is what we did: I registered for twin pack n play. I mainly wanted it because it is bigger than standard pack n plays. Another reason we choose this piece is because it featured two bassinets. We also had two cribs given to us.

crib or bassinets?

How they slept in the hospital.

The boys hated the bassinets. I understand why. They were smooshed together before they entered this world. They were smooshed together in the hospital. Then we bring them home and separate them into bassinets. As soon as they were out of those things and within eyesight of each other they were happy.

They slept together in one crib for a few months. (Our pediatrician was on board with this.) When they started showing signs of rolling over, we put them into separate cribs. The cribs were side-by-side. (The boys held hands through the cribs, so very adorable.)

1 crib or 2?

This is how they slept for the first few months.

Here’s my tip: If you are on a tight budget, and looking for the bare minimum to buy; one crib will suffice for a few months. (And don’t waste your money on bassinets!)

*Please keep in mind that I am not an expert, I am just sharing what worked for us.

Do you have any twin specific questions? Let me know, I would love to offer any knowledge I have obtained during this adventure.


  1. They held hands - ohhh, they is so sweet! I've always been intrigued with how people cope with twins - just the day to day things like sleeping, grocery shopping, getting in and out of the car etc. This is a great series! Looking forward to reading more :)

    1. Some days we're not sure how we are coping with twins! :) I guess that's my objective with twin tips; to point out the things we had to figure on our own along the way.