Monday, January 14, 2013

Dear Bread Machine, I Was Wrong

Do you remember my bread making fails of the past? Probably not, I didn’t have too many visits then (I still don’t, but hey its getting better). If you want to laugh at my kitchen fails, check this and this out.

I wasn’t always a horrible bread maker, in fact I used to make really good bread. Using this same bread machine. Well, after the couple of fiascos mentioned above (plus a few undocumented ones) I called my once beloved kitchen appliance many bad names. This is why I am apologizing. The problem was the user, not the machine.

Why the change of heart? I tried this recipe (now one of my family’s favorite breads), followed all the tips, AND consulted my bread machine manual. I think my biggest problem was that my liquid (usually water) was too hot. Anyway, I have had so many delicious loaves of bread since then.

Here it is- Potato Bread SUCCESS!

Potato Bread Success

Bread Machine, I am sorry for my behavior. Thank you for your forgiveness.

Let me tell you, my household is thrilled that my bread machine and I have made up. I use it multiple times during the week for bread, rolls, sweets, pizza crust, etc. (That is a warning, more bread machine posts in the future.Winking smile)

Do you have any favorite bread machine recipes?


  1. What a lovely bread but I bake my bread manually, am happy with the result...

    1. It was absolutely delish!
      I would love to master the art of bread making by hand. It seems like you have to be close to a schedule, and that's sometimes hard for me to guarantee. I will try someday though.

  2. My bread machine spent a long time collecting dust(years) no I use it weekly. Thanks for commenting on my Butturnut Squash fries!

    1. I LOVE my bread machine! I use it so much now.
      Looking forward to trying those squash fries! Thanks for visiting.