Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ending Refashion Month with Tanks, a Tote, and a Wristlet

Today is the last day of July Refashion Month. I didn’t finish 31 refashions like I had intended (one of my 31 by 31 goals, but I still have 10 more months). I did manage to whip out a few more projects. Today I want to show you a couple refashions I finished, but haven’t posted yet.

First is two more muscle shirts for my boys.

Boys Muscle Shirt Refashioned From Men's ShirtRefashioning Men's T-Shirt into Boy's Muscle Shirt

These were made from two men’s 2XL t-shirts. I was able to cut two tanks from each shirt. I had completed the first two shirts in June, and mailed them off to Sewing to Rebuild. The other two sat on my sewing table cut out and ready to sew for way too long.

The next one was a super quick project.

Wristlet From Shirt Sleeve Cuffs

The boys’ preppy shorts left me with two sleeve cuffs. (Which had adorable pearl snaps.) I kept looking at the cuffs, trying to decide what to make of them.

I stitched the cuffs together using a wide but short zigzag stitch. Then I covered up the stitching with ribbon. The ribbon also helped the project look a little less masculine (the ribbon has sparkles!). I cut a piece of ribbon for a strap. Then I folded the rectangle into a pouch, tucked in the ribbon, and topstitched along the original seam.

This last project is also one that has been sitting on my sewing table, cut out, for way too long!

Reversible Tote From Repurposed Bed Sheets

I have made so many of these bags. They are made from bed sheets, and can be made in any size.

I use these as my reusable shopping totes, beach bag, overnight bag, and just about anything you can think of bag. These totes are my favorite for three reasons. 1. They hold so much stuff. 2. No need worrying about getting them dirty. Just toss in the washer. 3. They fold (or in my case roll) up super small.

Roll-up Reversible Tote From Repurposed Bed Sheets

*I know it is hard to tell, but the bag rolled up is smaller than a soup can.

Did you participate in Refashion Month? If so, share a link. I would love to see your creations.

Do you have projects that have been sitting in your to-do pile for a long time? Seriously the tote has been cut out and waiting to be sewn for a couple of years. I know the reason this project sat so long (my machine was acting up and I gave up and packed her away for a few months), but I have quite a few other projects that I do not have an excuse for.


  1. I've realised I had too many unfinished projects a while ago and decided to work them all bit by bit a few month ago. I did make some of them but other are just hopeless... I guess I lost the interest in them. Thanks for joining my refashion month! =D

    1. That's where I am at with a lot of my unfinished projects, lost interest. Although, if I am honest with myself; most of them are sitting there because I ran into a step or technique that I wasn't sure about. (For instance, how do you hem the bottom of a dress even if you don't have a dress form and everybody is in bed?) I'll get to them someday...

      Thank you so much for hosting Refashion Month! It was so fun, and nice to be introduced to new-to-me refashioners. You did a great job!

    2. I just realised I didn't answer. To hem that dress I would put it on and guestimate the lenght i wanted it to be and pin it (one or two pins only). look in the mirror, if it's ok, Measure that from bottom-up all around the dress pin in place and then sew. ;D