Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July Refashion Month, Tutorial: Short Sundress Fix

I meant to have this post up yesterday…

I LOVE sundresses! But…for some reason most of my sundresses have become way too short for comfort. I’m not sure if this is due to the extra poundage left over in front from the twins, or that they were always short, and my modesty has lengthened. Either way, expect to see a few sundress refashions this month.

First up, this dress was so cute. One of my summertime favorites. About 3 years ago. This little number became so short, I didn’t even feel comfortable having it posted all over the Internet. I can only imagine the Pinterest captions…

Sundress Refashion, Before

Just imagine gnarly knees (really, my knees scream Tomboy!), and a dress that hits mid-thigh (and that is modestly speaking).

Want to see what I did?

First I chopped off that bodice.

Dress Refashion, Step 1

Then I searched high and low for a piece of elastic that fit snuggly around my waist. There may have been cuss words coming from my sewing cave, because EVERY stinking piece of elastic in my stash was a least three inches too short.

Determined to ‘work with what I got’ I rummaged through our donation box looking for a garment I could rob of elastic. I found a pair of hubby’s old long johns. Perfect!

Now that that elastic situation is taken care of, sew elastic in a loop.

Dress Refashion, Sew Elastic

From here on out this process may be a bit off the wall and disturbing to all of the seamstresses. I apologize ahead of time.

I HATE when elastic gets all twisted up in my clothes. I already have a little extra fluff around my waistline, I don’t want rebellious elastic adding to it. So this is my “No Roll Elastic” process.

Slip the elastic around the skirt, skirt right side out. Line up the top of elastic with the top of skirt.

Dress Refashion, Pin Elastic to Skirt

Pin and sew, using a zigzag stitch.

Dress to Skirt Refashion, Attatch Elastic

Theoretically you could stop right here, that is if you didn’t snag the heck out of the elastic while looting a pair of long johns. But, I had to keep going…

The next step is to fold the elastic to the inside, twice. This hides all evidence of mistreated elastic.

Dress to Skirt Refashion, Fold Elastic Inside

(Here it is folded over once, fold over one more time.)

You need to stretch the elastic to eliminate gathers. Pin and take it over to the sewing machine.

Dress to Skirt Refashion, Stretch, Pin, Sew

Sew the bottom edge with a zigzag stitch. Gently stretch the elastic while feeding it into your machine.

You’re finished!

Dress to Skirt Refashion, No Twist Elastic

*Note to self, make a new ironing board cover!

After: A skirt appropriate for chasing my little boys in:

Too Short Sundress Refashioned to Appropriate Skirt

One refashion down. Only 30 more to go!

Refashion, Sundress to Skirt

No more worrying about showing my derrière while toting a two year old under each arm.

Have you ever been in the “oh crap I don’t have ______ (supply)? Are you the patient type who waits until you can head to the store to pick it up, or are you like me, swiping elastic, buttons, and anything else I need from my families’ discarded clothing?


  1. ahahah... I guess my modesty has lengthened too. There are a lot of clothes I find too short now, but didn't really before! I loved the new refashioned piece, definitely like it better as a skirt.

    1. Thank you! This was one of my favorites before I became a mama. I am so glad I was able to repurpose it and keep it in the summer rotation.

  2. Super cute! I'd throw a bit of elastic along the bottom of that top piece you cut off and use it as a little bra or cami underpinning....then you'd only have 29 to go!

    1. Tamara, you got my wheels spinning. I have been looking at the top part trying to figure out what to do with it. I think you may see the top this month! ;)