Monday, July 29, 2013

Detroit Hat Update, and Weekly To-Dos

Happy Monday folks! We had such a wonderful weekend finishing little projects that have been patiently waiting on our to-do list.
I have two of the six crocheted Detroit Tiger hats finished. (Two more are just waiting to be appliqued.) I thought I’d share those today since 1. They are so stinking cute. and 2. I am so stinking proud of them.
Boy Detroit Hat Detroit Hat (with flower)
I used the Newsboy hat beanie pattern (108) from Posh Patterns on Etsy. These two hats are worked up in Caron Simply Soft. The D is cut from felt, and hand stitched on. The flower is a basic crocheted five petal flower.
The pattern is very clear and easy to understand. The method used to stiffen the brim was new to me, yet still easy to understand (even for a left handed, backwards, non-gauge checking crocheter like myself). Overall, this pattern was worth the investment (and I usually cringe at buying patterns).
Here are a couple more shots:
Crocheted Detroit Tiger Hat with flowerCrochet Detroit Tiger Brimmed Beanie
(I think Zeke may be a bit annoyed that I put a girl hat on his brother.) Winking smile
Okay, lets get to business, my to-dos for this week:
  • Write up a menu for this week.
  • Finish other 4 Detroit hats.
  • Finish gift sets. (I cannot wait to share these!)
  • Use/freeze zucchini.
  • Trim bushes around house.
  • Spread mulch.
  • Tweak Etsy shop policies, and open shop. (figure I should follow my just sew mantra, and tweak things afterwards)
What are you working on this week? As always, I love reading your comments!

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  1. pfff... I get tired just by looking at your list.. I've been feeling so damn tired and a bit lazy too. =( those hats are so cute!!!

    1. Thank you!
      You have been pretty darn busy with refashion month. Give yourself a break!(and I have been feeling quite tired lately too.)
      Anyways, it's just a list, chances are I won't get through half of it.

  2. Those are too cute, and really like that pattern I may have to go snag it. You have way more patience cutting those Ds out, I'm too lazy lol. Thanks for linking up.

    1. Thank you! This pattern is worth buying, I have already made six hats from it, and working on #7.
      I tried to crochet the D, but it didn't look as uniform as I wanted. So I am left with patiently cutting....