Saturday, August 18, 2012

Where Did Summer Go?

Summer has flown right on by! It seems like we are always busy. We have been enjoying the weather. I have been experimenting in the kitchen (trying my hand at egg-free cooking, successful recipes coming soon). Hubby finished the tree house. The boys are very efficient at walking, in fact they are almost running. And, I have been (slowly) plugging away at my to-dos.

Here's a little update on last month's goals:
  1. Work on purging computer room. I had a very successful week with this last month. Plan to finish it this month.
  2. Focus on daily cleaning habits. We started a chore chart for the kids, so some cleaning habits of mine were worked on too. Need much work in this area. Ongoing.
  3. Make a 30 meal list. I wrote down some of our favorite meals. Tried some new ones. Now I need to compile them all in a binder to make meal planning a little easier.
  4. Start journals. Nope, not yet.
  5. Read to boys everyday. Overall I was pretty good at this.Ongoing.
  6. Continue to get up early. Was good for a while, then started slacking. Needs work. Ongoing.
  7. Sew, and crochet. I was very good at this last month. Ongoing.
  8. Start etsy shop. Just need to take that leap, and list.
  9. Make two Christmas presents. Nope, not yet.
  10. Look for dress to make, start making. Did it (nap time dress). Would like to make another dress if time allows.
This month's goals:
  1. Finish computer room.
  2. Establish cleaning routines.
  3. Complete meal binder.
  4. Complete and write in journals.
  5. Continue reading to boys everyday.
  6. Establish regular wake time.
  7. Continue to use up craft stash.
  8. Make two Christmas presents. Find stocking pattern.
  9. Start on boy's Halloween costumes.
  10. List in etsy shop.
Does goal setting work for you? How do you manage those massive to-do lists?

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