Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Remember my 30 by 30 list? Well, I decided to do something about #24. (Style hair more, less ponytails.)

My hair has been on the shorter side for most of my life. For some reason or another (laziness, maybe), I had been growing it out. It is pretty, and long. This means that I put it in a ponytail every single day.

I am sick of the pony. It makes me feel sloppy and undone, but I don't have the time to blow dry and style this long mess everyday. Hubby was ready for short hair (he loves my hair short).

But will I have the time to style it? Who cares, lets go for it...



I actually got the cut last Friday. I waited to post, because I wanted to see if I could (would) consistently style it. Guess what? I have done my hair everyday since Friday, and wore makeup most days (something I rarely do).

The verdict: I love it! It takes about 10 minutes to style it straight. It takes about 20 minutes to wear it curly.

Hubby had a surprise when he came home. He loves it!

p.s. the pony was donated


  1. Way to go! That's a big step for women. I think you look lovely in your new short 'do! (especially the second pic with it all flipped cute~)

    1. Thank you. I've always loved my hair short, but worried I wouldn't have the time now that I'm a mama. I guess I spent too much time worring ;)

  2. It feels so good to get hair cut! I think your new hairstyle is darling. :)

  3. Thank you! I feel 'put-together' now! Much needed.