Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nap time Dress

Most of you mamas know. Once you have littles, you rarely sew, or craft, for yourself.

One of my 30 by 30 goals (#29) is to make a dress and wear it.

Well, I made a dress. I made a dress using what I had in my stash. (I may be a craft hoarder...)

I sorta followed this tutorial by Maggie of Smashed Peas and Carrots. If you looked at Maggie's and are wondering, no I'm not preggers (she made it as a maternity dress). I had this dress hanging out in my favorites since before my pregnancy with the boys. There are many dresses in Pinterest world similar to this one, but I figured 'I liked it two years ago- lets make this my first.'

Sorry, I don't have any in process pictures, or before pictures for that matter. Just follow the tute. Its pretty good.

The few things I did different:
  • I skipped hemming the bottom of the top, and top of the bottom (confused yet?) before sewing to the elastic. I was trying to accomplish this during nap time, and since it was for me- I figured it would be okay.
  • I used Marissa's tutorial for easy gathering. I AM SOLD! Every time I try to gather, I get so frustrated because my threads break. This girl is a genius!
  • I made a sash, and tacked it on. I didn't care for the look of the white elastic (next time I'll dye it). I think it made me look fluffy. After I hemmed the bottom to the length I wanted, I used that strip to make a sash, and tacked it down in a couple of places. This seemed to tame down the midsection fluff.
Are you ready? Here it is:

What do you think? I'm hooked, I want to make more dresses. If you have any favorite 'nap time' dress tutorials, please share.

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