Friday, May 24, 2013

Handmade Love

Growing up, we went to my Great Grandparents’ for a visit every Sunday. Towards the end of our visit Grandma would tell my brother and I to pick out a dishcloth or potholder from the dresser she stored her finished knitting projects in.

I still have these knitted creations. I use those beige knitted cloths in my kitchen everyday. Each dish I scrub, my heart is filled with the love Grandma poured into every stitch. I imagine warmth pouring from her heart, to her hands, out through the aluminum needles as she click-clacked out another dishcloth.

The devastation in Oklahoma tears at my heart strings. I hug my boys a little tighter, and wish there was a way I could help. Suzanne of Winter Wanderings and Whatnot collaborated with some other bloggers for a solution. They have put out a request for sewn clothing, bags, and stuffed animals. And you know what? I can sew.

Pattern Revolution

As a mama, seeing my boys wear a garment or carrying a toy made by hand would fill my heart just like washing the dishes with Grandma’s dishcloths does.

This weekend I am dedicating some time to sit at my machine and pour my prayers and love out over the hum of my machine.

Can you find the time to pour some love into just one garment/bag/toy? If you are inclined to pitch in, click the button, or head over to Suzanne’s blog. There is an address posted, a Flicker group, and a few patterns. If you don’t sew, just help spread the word. Thank you!

*I apologize for the rambling of this post. I want to let all of my beautiful creative readers in on how they can help, but God is prodding me to sew. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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