Monday, May 20, 2013

Getting Dirty…

We are still adapting to this new stage of life. In between our sports schedules we have a yard to take care of, a garden to plant, all of those outdoor to-dos on our list, and two almost two-year olds to wear out.

I am pretty sure that this summer will be one of the most difficult summers for us. The boys are at the stage where they love to run and explore. I absolutely LOVE this part of toddlerhood! The difficult part? They don’t follow direction too well. In order for us to wear them out for the day let them release all of their toddler energy two adults need to be present. As you can imagine, this makes it hard to accomplish much around here.

We are slowly figuring things out though:

Going For A Ride

While Daddy tilled the garden Mama took the boys for a ride.

After Daddy was done, we took a walk….and found mud:

 Zeke in the Puddle Xander in the Mud

Watching our boys stomp in the mud (Zeke decided to sit and play in the mud) filled my mind with childhood memories.

My own Mama would lovingly shove my brother and I out the door saying, “Go outside and play.” We had so many adventures throughout the woods, stomping in every puddle we could find. The car horn told us it was time to head to the house, dad is home from work. He would be standing there, garden hose in hand. He always acted so proud as we showed him ‘how muddy we got today!’ Then he would hose us off before letting us retreat inside.

Standing at the puddle, hubby looked at me and said, “I am so glad I married a woman who is not afraid of dirt.” (thankfully he wasn’t talking about our messy house.) Winking smile

That’s what kind of Mama I want to be. I want to encourage our boys to get dirty. Teach them to climb trees and build forts. Show them how to catch frogs (and beg them to take away the snakes). I want to pass down the skill of ‘worming the hook.’ I was meant to be the Mama of boys.

Back to our walk:

You're Too Slow, Take My Hand

Zeke’s muddy pants were slowing him down. Xander had no patience for the slower pace and grabbed his brother’s hand and helped him down the trail.

Attack of the Swamp Monster

I guess Zeke felt they were walking too fast.

Boys will be boys!

Do you have any tricks to wearing out toddler boys? I have no clue where all of their energy comes from!

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