Monday, May 6, 2013

Muscle Tee Sneak Peak, Menu, and Goals

It’s official. Baseball/softball season is in full swing. My stepson had a game Wednesday night, and a double header Saturday. Hubby had a double header yesterday. And my stepdaughter decided she wanted to play softball this year. We are so glad she had changed her mind and decided to play, but in another week we will have two more games a week added to our schedule.

Whew… does reading this make you as tired as it does me? Needless to say, things may be a little slower around here until I figure out another routine.

Here’s a peak at the boys’ summer shirts (finally, right):

Muscle Shirts For The Twins

This weeks menu:

  • Sunday- Hot Dogs
  • Monday- Pork Steak
  • Tuesday- Leftovers
  • Wednesday- Meatloaf
  • Thursday- Turkey
  • Friday- Turkey/rice casserole
  • Saturday- Birthday Dinner!

My goals for this week:

  • Go through kitchen
  • Go through my clothes
  • Try to find time to put fence around garden (may not get done this week)
  • Finish Listings (take pictures)
  • Post Muscle Shirt How-to
  • Sew: 2 muscle shirts, 2 pair of shorts, 2 pair of p.j. shorts
  • Stencil game shirts for boys
  • Type up 31 by 31 list
  • Clean out freezer
  • Make dishwasher soap and laundry soap

What are your dinner plans this week? I have been in a rut lately. We need quick, easy, and sometimes portable meal ideas.

Have you set any weekly goals? My list looks a little daunting this week, but I know the majority of things won’t take too long.


  1. Your kids are absolutely adorable!
    Hmmm what a busy week. I usually set monthly and then daily goals... I keep making lists all the time.

    1. Thank you! (They can be stinkers though) :)
      I used to set daily goals, think I need to get back to that...