Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Crocheting 31 Hats in 31 Days, Week 1 Update

We have been experiencing naptime refusal around here. There hasn’t been a nap since Saturday. To add to (or contribute to) the nap-less-ness Zeke has learned how to escape his cell crib. His favorite place to escape is right into his brother’s crib. Xander would like a nap.


I know most two year olds are in toddler beds, but we have been prolonging the transition. It is so nice putting the boys down for a nap/bedtime and knowing that they are safe (and the potential for them to get into mischief is greatly reduced). Yet we knew this day would come.

Needless to say, my routine has been out of whack.

Here’s a quick update on my 31 hat project:

Crocheted Detroit Tiger Beanie

I used this pattern from A Crocheted Simplicity. The hat was crocheted with Red Heart Super Saver yarn. *Pattern comes with crochet pattern for Old English D. I choose to use felt like these ones.

The beanie above, and the three below are for customer orders.

31 Crocheted Hats in 31 DaysPink Crocheted Visor Hat

These three are waiting for their “D” appliques. I used this pattern from Posh Patterns. The pink hat, and bottom blue hat is made using Caron Simply Soft, top blue hat is made with Red Heart Super Saver.

31 Hats in 31 Days

This is the Big Girl Bonnet by Karla Rae (free Ravelry download). I used Caron Simply Soft and size G hook. This hat did end up smaller than I had anticipated, but that always happens to me. (I never check my gauge.) This pattern was easy to work up, and is very cute. The pattern was a little confusing while working the brim. I believe this was due to our naptime quandaries. It was clear once I re-read the pattern a few times.

*I am short a couple of hats (five hats in seven days). I had figured this would happen, so I sourced a few patterns for ‘quick’ hats in case I had to play catch up.

Signing off, praying for naptime….


  1. my daughter refused nap time a few weeks ago, but lucky for me it was just a fase. She falls quickly asleep again. As for the toddler bed.. I've tried to change her to hers for a few nights, but she often asks me to go back to her "small bed"... and sinbce we just potty trained i thought we can wait and i will change her when she feels secure about it.

    1. We just started potty training... I am pulling my hair out!
      I sure hope they start napping again soon, I looked forward to those couple of hours of quiet every day.

  2. Those are super cute. My soon to be 3 year old laughs at me when I say the word nap so I know how that feels lol.

    1. Oh no! I am hoping this is just a temporary thing. Oh my, I hope naptime isn't gone forever!

  3. The hats are adorable!!!! That is one thing I really want to learn: crocheting. It's on my list along with learning to play the guitar.

    1. Thank you. Crocheting is pretty easy to pick up, I actually taught myself. Playing the guitar would be cool (but I will refrain from adding it to my to-do list). :)

  4. You guys are adorable! Love the hats!