Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mama Carries Lunch In Style

Something glorious happened today. Right now, as we speak I write.
I would climb our rooftop and sing praises to the heavens, if I wasn’t afraid of violating the peace. (One thing this mama should never do in public is sing!)

So what is all this celebration for?

My sweet little boys are taking a nap! (They are sweet right now, because they are sleeping.) They haven’t napped in over a week. This mama was getting tired.

Anyways, wish me luck that they are back into the groove. In the meantime, I have some hats to catch up on. So to hold you over, I wanted to share a sewing project I finished last month.

Mama’s Lunch Tote

Back to School, Mama's Lunch Tote

As you know, I start school soon. Buying lunch is out of the question. Not only does our budget love when we take our lunch, so does my waistline and energy level.

The fabric, a corduroy, is from my stash, and has been in my stash for at least seven years. Oops. The lining is made from a vinyl tablecloth (bought on clearance from Target last summer). The Insul-Bright is also from my stash. I bought a zipper and webbing for the handles.

Bright Stripes Inside Mama's Lunch Tote
Isn’t it so bright and cheery in there?

I used this tutorial from Zaaberry. The pattern is well written and easy to follow. It would be really easy to change the dimensions to fit your needs.

Back to School, Lunch Tote

I have been using this tote daily for over a month, and it is holding up great. I absolutely love how much this tote can carry. I easily fit four Sippy cups, a sandwich, applesauce, and a couple of ice packs.

I do need to make a couple more lunch bags this month, so stay tuned.

Are you doing any back to school crafting? Lunch bags are my top concern right now. Having a child with a food allergy means that I have to pack the boys’ lunch every morning too. (It gives me a good excuse to try out some other tutorials I have pinned.)

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  1. Hooray for the return of naps!!! I hope they are here to stay :)

    Nice job on the bag tool love the colours!

    1. Thanks, those colors are so bright! I smile a little each time I open it.
      The naps, well we are still working on that...

  2. I love the lunch bag! So cute!!!! I am so glad boys are back to napping. Mine don't nap anymore but I remember the "glorious" feeling when they went to lala land in the middle of the day. i ran to my sewing machine!

    1. Thank you!
      They actually aren't back to napping (always remember that before you hit publish...) But that one day was mighty fine. Now I have to find a different time in my day to meet up with my sewing machine.

  3. Nice lunch bag... but sad that although they napped that one day they haven't after. =( Just don't give up putting them to nap, as I told you before, my little one also went through a phase when she refused to nap, I insisted and would often tell her... alright you don't have to sleep, but you must rest a little, and she would stay playing with books in her crib... now she's even faster to fall asleep at nap time. good luck to you!

    1. Thank you, I look for reasons to take it with me (its great for carrying the boys' lunch and drinks on walks).
      I still put them down for a nap, they just don't sleep. I now call it 'quiet time.' (Although it isn't very quiet) :)