Monday, April 30, 2012

Dinner Plans

The menu board has been working great! I have been properly utilizing it for almost a month now. I am happy to say we haven't wasted a ton of food, bought a bunch of take out, or even had to buy too many groceries. Now, sometimes we don't follow it perfectly, but it is working for us.

Here's our plans this week:

Sunday- Grillin; brats, corn, potatoes, etc. (this was supposed to be dinner Sat, but we had a banquet I forgot about.)

Monday- Stuffed Peppers Leftovers

Tuesday- Pork on the grill (getting moved to next week) Stuffed peppers

Wednesday- Homemade Pizza

Thursday- Beef Burgundy (crock pot)

Friday- Grilled Chicken

Saturday- Roast (crock pot)

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