Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hands Free Asymmetrical Bag

Mama Nene did it again…came up with the most awesome, practical, useable pattern!

The Hands Free Asymmetrical Bag pattern (affiliate link) has been released today. I have the pleasure of being on the Serger Pepper Testing Crew, so I have already sewn one of these babies up. First the eye candy:

Hands Free Asymmetrical Bag Front

When I hear about a new project at Serger Pepper I think of two things: refashioning and color blocking. As you can see, this pattern has the option of color blocking, or monochromatic. There is also the option to add piping.

One of the (many) things that makes Mama Nene's patterns stand out from the rest is the refashioning tips she includes in every pattern. Most of the time, she even sews up a few of each pattern using her refashion tips. These tips are gold to me(I have actually bought patterns just because of the refashioning tips included). I love having extra inspiration to reduce and reuse.

All of the fabric used for this bag has been in my stash for (too many) years.

Back of the Hands Free Asymmetrical Bag

The color blocking continues through the back.

So many pockets inside the Hands Free Asymmetrical Bag!

This is by far my favorite feature; all of the pockets and compartments.

First I want to issue a disclaimer: all of these pockets and compartments are optional. But if you have the option for more pockets, why wouldn’t you?

So being a glutton for pockets, I made There is an elastic pocket on the outside of the bag, perfect for keys or a phone. The inside features two (2!) lined zippered pockets, customizable patch pockets, and a water bottle elastic.

The best bag for busy mamas! The Hands Free Asymmetrical Bag The arrow detail on the strap is what makes this bag POP. I have received so many compliments on this bag.

Now my thoughts on the pattern and experience: Number one, I LOVE working with Mama Nene! She is such a creative and inspiring person. Every pattern and tutorial of hers I have tried resulted in a positive experience that let me wishing I had time for more.

Number two, the bag: This bag is awesome, but it is not for the faint of heart. This pattern is more of an intermediate pattern. But PLEASE, do not let this deter you from trying the bag. Every step and skill is broken down into step-by-step instructions (another reason why I love Mama Nene's patterns). She also links to tutorials throughout her instructions, so no guessing or googling when you are stumped on a step.

I found that for this bag, I had to break it down into a bunch of tiny steps. While it is possible to finish the bag in a day, I took several, doing one small step a night. This is how I manage to squeeze sewing projects into my busy schedule.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Craftsy and get your Hands Free Asymmetrical Bag pattern! (affiliate links)

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  1. I love the purple colours on this bag - it reminds me so much of lavendar and it's beautiful smells!

    1. Thank you! I was initially just using what I had because it was a test (sometimes tests need a few tries to get right, but not this one!) I fell in love and have been carrying it ever since.

  2. I've been loving seeing all the bags made from this pattern. I somehow missed this call and was so sad about it =C I'd love to make myself this bag...

    1. This bag would make a nice diaper bag for short outings, there are so many pockets! I love the size and all the thought that Irene put into this pattern, you should sew one (if you can find time).