Friday, December 20, 2013

Sweater to Slipper Refashion

It seems that most of my projects these days are necessity projects. Today’s project is no exception.

Yesterday I debuted our new space (sewing space for Mama, and play space for the boys). Since our new space is in the basement, the floors tend to be cold (a bonus in the summer, but gives you shivers during a Michigan winter). Another problem with the floors….when in a sewing frenzy, Mama tends to drop pins. I’m getting better, but I still do not to risk one of my little guys stepping on one.

I had a solution.


Toddler Slippers Refashioned from SweaterMy husband had chucked a wool sweater into the donate box. I quickly pulled it out knowing I could do something with it, it was wool. Unfortunately I don’t have a before picture because I cut into the sweater pre-blogging days.

Sweater Refashioned to SlippersI used this tutorial and template from Leafy Treetop Spot. The slippers in the tutorial are made with fleece. I have plenty of fleece, but I was envisioning something warmer and a little bit sturdier.

The outside upper slipper, and inside sole are cut from the felted sweater.

Slippers From Sweater and Blue JeansThe bottoms are made from Blue Jean Buttercup leftovers.

Sweater to SlippersI used some red fleece left from the boys’ Halloween costume to line the slipper uppers. The Velcro is also from my stash (which is why it doesn’t match).

Slippers from Wool Sweater

I made size 10/11. They are quite big on the boys right now, but they’ll grow into them. The tutorial is very easy to follow, and would make wonderful last minute Christmas gifts.

Do you dive for wool sweaters? If so, what are your favorite wool projects? That sweater barely touched the donation pile before I snagged it up. It seems like wool sweaters are a little harder to thrift these days.


  1. I love these slippers! I
    MammaNene @ SergerPepper

    1. ... and I totally understand the pin-in-the-floor thing LOL

    2. Thank you! They are a little big, but they are doing the job.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, I'm just glad to save $10 per kid (at least) by not having to buy store bought slippers.