Monday, June 25, 2012

My Powerhouse Cleaner

I was never concerned about chemical household cleaners until I had the boys. I actually love the 'clean' smell of bleach, pine-sol, windex, and other cleaners. The problem? Babies put their mouths on everything, and put everything in their mouths.

I started looking for safe, non-toxic, effective cleaners. I discovered vinegar. I have used vinegar for multiple other things, but never to clean counters, toys and floors. Well, what can it hurt to try? I mixed the ratio recommended (don't remember now usually do half vinegar, half water).

The verdict- it worked. Everything looked and felt clean and germ free. The problem was that the house smelled like a pickle factory after I cleaned. I was willing to look past this knowing the boys wouldn't be ingesting bleach everytime they put their mouths on something. (The smell does go away after about a half an hour or so.)

One day while surfing I found a post about citrus vinegar. The cleaning power of vinegar, without smelling like a pickle factory- could it be true?

I am in love. Here's a brief how-to:
Peel citrus fruit. (I use oaranges cause they are cheap)
Put peels in container.
Cover with vinegar.
Wait two weeks.
Strain liquid from peels.
Put concentrate in container until your spray bottle needs filled.
Fill spray bottle half citrus concentrate, half water.
Use the same as any household disenfectant.

This stuff is amazing. It actually works better than the plain vinegar mixture I was using. There is still a slight vinegar smell, covered by a citrus aroma.


  1. Genius, right? I saw this too and I'm in the process of making my own!

  2. I'll have to try that too. Thanks for sharing your experience.