Thursday, November 7, 2013

Four Simple Tasks by 2014

I have decided to join the end of the year goal-setting bandwagon….not that I need to put more on my plate.

The idea comes from the girls at A Beautiful Mess.

The rules are pretty easy; choose four simple goals to reach by 2014. These goals need to be positive, activity-oriented goals that will make your life richer.

Now, I’m going to admit…I tend to be a rule breaker. My goals are not going to infuse a joyful spirit deep within my soul. But they are simple goals, things I have been putting off for too long, and will enrich our lives (somewhat).

Here they are (with horrendous before pictures to boot!):


1. Clean the basement. This picture is embarrassing. And if I’m being all honest here; I had taken care of four baskets of clean clothes before taking this photo. Sadly, this room in the basement had become a dumping ground.

My goal is to clean it up. I think the boys would love to ride their tricycles around in here this winter. This would mean that Mama can spend a little time in her sewing room, which is right through that door…..

Sewing Room
                              What the???

2. Get my sewing/crafting space back in shape. I am so lucky to have all of this space, I need to pick it up so I can use it.

*This room isn’t always like this. Lately I have had to sew while the boys are awake, which means on the kitchen table. So I would have to run downstairs, find my material(s), run back upstairs, realize I needed to iron, run downstairs, you get the picture.

3. Winterize the windows. (Sorry, no photo.) Winters in Michigan are cold, especially when you live off of the bay. The windows in this house are old. To save a little money and keep the house draft free I try to put plastic up on the windows. Its that time…

Boys' Chothes

4. Switch over the boys’ clothes. This is pretty simple. The boys have grown too tall for their pants. It is time to switch out the summer clothes, and move the next size in. (I started already, the pile above is the pile that needs a home in their dresser.)

Like I said, not exactly following the rules. But will benefit the family nonetheless.

Do you have any end-of-the-year goals?


  1. I'm glad to see someone else's sewing space looks like mine. I have no excuse as I have no toddlers to look after. Good luck with it all. My goals are similar. Clear the landing and the shed outside that houses furniture, books and general junk. I like the idea that you have set a time limit. I will try to follow suit.

    1. I am so ashamed at the disaster this room has become. I wish you luck reaching your goals!

  2. Your list look pretty much like the one I need to make DESPERATELY! I have a garage thought that looks like that. My vehicles don't fit in it so it became the "toss it in there we have company coming" place lol. Same with the kids clothes too......and windows too.....our work is never done is it?

    1. I have a few of those places that I toss stuff when company is on the way. I'll learn someday, right?

  3. Thanks Theresa for sharing your pics... hubby now thinks I'm a little more "normal"... he was thinking I was the only one with a messy sewing room!!! thank you SO much <3!!!!
    MammaNene @

    1. I don't know of one sewing room that isn't messy. Good luck with your goals Theresa!

    2. That's funny (and a little embarrassing...). My husband has learned not to question the sewing space. I do run into problems when it spills into the rest of the house. Your new sewing space is looking great.

    3. I alwas repeat it to myself: mess=creativity... but is always mess hehehehe!
      I truly love that I'm not the only one!
      MammaNene @ SergerPepper

  4. Definitely not the only one!, I am a messy crafter, myself and it's so hard for me to throw stuff out cuz I always feel I can make something else out of it. Kudos for cleaning up though, it does make a difference. I find I am more focused when i do take a little time to clean. Can't wait to see the new sewing space. And thank you for your comments on my blog, i so truly appreciate them and you!

    1. It seems to be a viscous cycle. Create up a storm, and mess. Inspiration gets buried under supplies. Clean up space, find more inspiration than I can work with. Create up a storm.... you see where this is going. ;)